Taylor's Story

As a young husband and father in his mid 20's, Taylor was reluctant to come into ATLAS and share unabashedly with the male advocate. His wife had been a client for a while and spent many months praying and urging Taylor to come in for a meeting. Eventually however, the two men formed a bond that allowed Taylor to open up and share about life, his relationship with God, and how it determines his effectiveness in his role as a husband and father.

On November 18th, 2010 Taylor became an official ATLAS client after proving his determination to better his and his family's circumstances. Through outlets like Men's Bible Study, "The Man I Want to Be" Men's Group, Financial and Marriage Counseling, Taylor has begun to truly understand the necessary actions needed to be a more attentive husband and loving father. He has surpassed expectations of commitment by meeting with his advocate faithfully every two weeks and regularly attending church services.

Taylor has also formed a bond with his mentor, a christian man who is walking alongside Taylor, guiding and teaching Taylor by using christian principles how to be the father, husband and man he should and wants to be.

We are extremely proud of the advances and gains in Taylor's life and anxiously await he and his family's blossoming future.