Band of Brothers

Band of Brothers wants to leave no brother behind as they travel together on the road of life.
"Band of Brothers was a wonderful opportunity to bring men together to worship and praise God.  What a blessing to see men coming together to leave no brother behind."
There was an evidence of stirring hearts at the recent Band of Brothers and it's gaining momentum!"
These were just a couple of comments made by participants following the Band of Brothers gathering at Grace Fellowship in Greensboro on February 26, 2011.
"Band of Brothers" is a group of men brought together by God to leave a positive legacy in the lives of the next generation of men in our community.
Nick Rucker, ATLAS Ministry Inc. who was one of the coordinators of the program says; "Every man will ask questions about himself at some point in his life.  Questions like, 'What kind of man am I?'  'What kind of man do I want to be?'  'Am I ready to fight the battles that affect me today?'  'What am I going to be remembered for?'  and  'Am I leaving my brothers behind?'
These were the hard questions that each man contemplated as he listened to speakers, watched videos, sang praise songs to our Lord, and participated in discussion groups with other men.
The 175 men attending represented a cross-section of Greene County: ages 15-75; rich to poor; white to black; mature Christians to seekers; and from North and South of I-20.

 Left to Right: Ronald McWhorter - Participant, Malcolm Moss - Table Leader and Stacey Alexander - Table Leader, and Ken Daniel Conference Participant

The program was designed to help the hurting, to celebrate the gifts that each person has; to encourage them to use those gifts in their own lives as well as to help one another; and to unite the men in the community to walk with each other as they travel together on the road of life.
About 18 months ago, the first "Band of Brothers" was held in Greensboro.  The attendance was much smaller and there was no vehicle for the men to stay connected at the end of the conference.

Things have changed this year!

Wesley Mortin speaking at the recent Band of Brothers Conference on
"What Do You Fight For?"